No More Litter Boxes with Hover Cat Seat

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Never Scoop another 💩

Hover Cat Seat eliminates nasty smells. No more stinky litter boxes that you need to touch, just a simple flush is all it takes!

We're a winner for cats, Hover Cat Seat is simple to train your cats on in one month, and can't fall off the toilet.

Hover Cat Seat is the environmentally friendly option. No more hauling bags of dusty litter into the house only to throw it out again.


The Details Matter


Fits any bowl

Made in the USA for premium quality and craftsmanship. Fits any toilet bowl in North America!



There's a sanitary barrier between the cat lid and the human seat.


Stable & comfortable

Cats won't wobble or fall, the wide surface is comfortable and helps with easy training.

Easy 1-Month Training


"I wanted to come up with a solution to not have dirty litter in my house. Hover Cat Seat was started from my personal need, and my cats love it!

— Steve K, inventor


We've designed Hover Cat Seat to be a fail-proof training experience for cats and their owners so everyone can get their furry friends to make the switch easily

— Joe - Creative team

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